Azur Training

 On-board training


Training packages for yacht owners, charter guests and crew

Having worked closely with the yachting industry for seven years, training countless crew, owners and charter guests, I understand its needs and challenges. Whether a boat is in port, a shipyard or out on charter, Azur Training can assist with all the health and fitness needs of the people on board. After all, a happy, productive boat starts with a fit and healthy crew.

Azur Training can provide your crew with the following services:-

-Boxing fitness and strength and conditioning sessions

- Self defence classes and workshops

-Full crew health and fitness testing and nutrition consultations and plans

-Providing top quality wellness professionals such as yoga and pilates teachers for your boat

I am also available to provide more bespoke, personalised packages for boat owners, charter guests and their families which could include any combination of boxing, fitness and self defence training, sports and relaxing massage, nutritional plans and tutoring services.

I am a certified England boxing coach and an ITEC accredited sports massage therapist. I have 20 years’ experience practising Muay Thai (Thai boxing), seven years’ worth of experience as a personal trainer on the Côte d’Azur, and I have served in the British Army. I am also a UK qualified, and experienced secondary school teacher.

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