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Make an investment that counts

There is no denying that physically fit employees are more productive in the workplace than their sedentary colleagues.

By regularly investing in your employees’ health and fitness your company can benefit in the following ways:-

-A happier, healthier, more productive workforce
-A reduction in staff absences and sick days
-A more collaborative office culture
-Improved morale
-A perk to attract potential employees

As every company is different, I can tailor my services to meet your needs.

Azur Training can provide the following health and fitness services:-

-Weekly boxing or fitness sessions
-Self-defence classes and/or workshops
-Half or full-day team building events
-Massage chair service for a full or half day
-Fitness and nutrition planning
-Providing top quality fitness professionals such as yoga and pilates teachers for your workplace

I am a certified England boxing coach and an ITEC accredited sports massage therapist. I have 20 years’ experience practising Muay Thai (Thai boxing), seven years worth of experience as a personal trainer on the Côte d’Azur, and I have served in the British Army.

Please contact me today to explore ways to improve your workforce.